Last update: 02/03/2019


SSAFR Official Excursion - March 5TH 2019

Lake Todos los Santos & Lake Llanquihue



This tour has been designed to showcase the main attractions of the region’s most important lakes; Llanquihue and Todos Los Santos. We will set off on our excursion from the hotel, skirting the shores of Lake Llanquihue while enjoying a beautiful postcard view of the snowcapped Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes in the background. Upon reaching the picturesque village of Ensenada, there will be a stop for a brief photo opportunity. Next, we will head to the Todos Los Santos Lake for a 30-minute scenic navigation aboard a modern vessel. We will continue to the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park to visit the famous rapids of the Petrohué River, one of the main attractions of the area, before continuing our tour of Lake Llanquihue through Puerto Clocker and on to the charming town of Puerto Octay. After a brief stop at Puerto Octay, we will continue to Frutillar. Here we will have an hour to stroll at leisure through the village, appreciate an unparalleled view of the volcanoes and the lake, and also visit the micro-brewery Salzburg for a tasting of delicious craft beers accompanied by tables of local cheeses and dried fruits, before returning to Puerto Varas.




12:30   Departure from Hotel Enjoy Puerto Varas towards Ensenada

13:00   Photo Stop in Puerto de Humos (Ensenada)

13:10   Continue to Lake Todos Los Santos

13:40   Arrival to Lake Todos Los Santos

13:45   Navigation on Lake Todos Los Santos (30 minutes)

14:15   End of navigation

14:20   Departure for the Petrohué Rapids

14:30   Arrival to the Petrohué Rapids (45-minute visit)

15:20   Departure for Puerto Octay

16:20   Arrival to Puerto Octay (20-minute stop)

16:40   Departure from Puerto Octay to Frutillar

17:10   Arrival to Frutillar (One hour around the town and to visit the Salzburg brewery)

18:10   Departure from Frutillar

19:20   Arrival to Hotel Cumbres Puerto Varas


  • Transport
  • The service of bilingual guides
  • Private navigation on Lake Todos Los Santos
  • Entry to the Petrohué Rapids
  • Visit to Puerto Octay
  • Visit to Frutillar, including a tasting at the Salzburg Micro-brewery
  • Box lunch




  • A box lunch will be served during the journey including a sandwich. Those with special dietary requirements should inform us in advance in order to modify the box lunch accordingly.
  • Start of tour: 12.30pm
  • End of tour: 7.20pm


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