Last update: 02/03/2019

Student Fellowships

Student Fellowships


Student Fellowships is closed.


Will offer a limited number of travel grants for students and postdoc. The following two categories will be considered: 

  • National Category: Students and postdoc enrolled at a Chilean university or staying at a Chilean address at the time of the symposium. 
  • International Category: Students and postdoc enrolled at a university outside Chile and staying abroad at the time before the conference starts.


The application should be sent by October 31, 2018, as a zip-file by email to and include: 

  1. A cover letter in English by the applicant.
  2. Confirmation of enrollment as a student by the time of submission, i.e. on October 31, 2018. 
  3. The student´s CV providing information on academic career and achievements. 
  4. A recommendation letter by the applicant´s advisor.


We will analyze the presentations received by October 31, 2018, select the grantees, and communicate the respective decision by November 28, 2018. Each grant from the national category consists in CLP250.000. Each grant from the international category consists in US$800. Grantees do not have to pay registration fee, but are expected to register at the symposium.

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